Thursday, October 15, 2009

lawnchair by john@ROCKNTV1gets me a traffic ticket hoodback mt vermont

SUZUKI DR650SE lawnchair move by john@ROCKNTV1gets me a traffic ticket hoodback mt vermont. We rode from exeter nh to johnstown ny . On the way home rideing in a pack of harley davidson @ 30mi/hr the vermont state police pulled me over,(I was rideing last by the way..easy pickns)and gave me a ticket for IMPROPER RIDING.
whilst all the other bikes are sporting hiway controls. The trooper said i looked like i was riding a lawnchair into town. He and his cohort spent 15min looking thru the rsa book and finaly cited me .
claims . I was leaning back on my tent and pack that was strapped to the stock pull rack. Vermont rsa 114.23b bull shit this law refers to riding side saddle OR NOT HAVING ONE LEG ON EACH SIDE OF THE MOTORCYCLE which I was not doing. The other state trooper and another cruizer spent 20 min trying to find somthing to give me this ticket and told me i could fight it 8 times knowing full well of his stretching the spirit of the language because i was 150 mi. from home and just send it in nolo contendre.The only thing illegal going on here was
the cops stretching of the statute on the road side.I guess they dont ride. THIS happins to out of state registered motor vehicles. AND MOTARDS ....LOL but i was realy pissed the day i had to either write the check or go to court ,and how much i would to have spent to fight this so far from home.
vermont state revenue inhancement patrol

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