Saturday, November 7, 2009


MYSPACE SEXY GUNS REHAB ? What is myspace doing to your kids? Logging on to my myspace page the other day I was bombed with ads of scantly clad females,and ads for law enforcement were a youth in riot gear is handing me a gun.In the other corner a rehab ad. With the currant state of awareness on gun control,and the depth of economic down turn I wonder why the only guys working over time are in the DEA, ATF, and local police when all other government programs , school, roads, health care, senior citizen money funds, are at an all time low. It is quite disgusting to show gun and riot control ads to an audience of grade school kids. You know one mans riot is another's parade(right to assemble).Or Is the gun wielding personal more sexy and the way to get the girl .Or is it more sexy to be the rock slob getting out of rehab?  Evidently there are entities at work who think that the American people need to be more governed and they are programing your kids for the future. Yes siree bob , its devolution of society thru an evolving constitution ,and the influx into law of opinions which, I believe our founding fathers would still be at war, over the currant  perversion of this document .Yet , today you could not begin to protect yourself or your property from the ever expanding, militaristic  federal police force. After years of myspace membership , We dont need a cop at every bus stop, Mom needs to be mom a make sure her own kid gets on the bus.

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 If you don't believe the road we are on, look to the right and bottom of this writing before crossing on to the next path, and check for employment opportunities  ...

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