Wednesday, February 24, 2010

police explorers = hitler youth

Police Explorers video, First let me say that this is separate from the BSA and is not the same AT ALL. I myself was a boy scout until i was 18 ,and continued to help as a JASM until i was 21. When i started as a cub scout, we went to meetings once a week at a friends house, whos mother was reading the handbook to us. We discussed how to tie knots and health and when the soapbox derby would be. We worked on our merit badges, arts and crafts and helping old people across the street. The police explorers were brand new back then. They held their meetings in the town hall above the police station and the fire department, hosted by what ever officer was available, While we in the BOY SCOUTS met at a church in town. Part of the bsa teachings and CODE were about morality and service to others and taking care of nature. Enter the new and improved, POLICE EXPLORERS, sponsored by HOME LAND SECURITY. While one of the bsa merit badges is rifle and shotgun ,it was geared toward hunter safety, and not to be confused with the world war 2 rants of ADOLF HITLER, and his comparison to the "Hitler youth" . I was never taught anything of the sort during my 10 + years of scouting, camping,fishing,mentally awake and morally straight is what troop 100 was all about. I believe NONE of these admirable traits of a wanna be eagal scouts are being tought at police explorer camp. Please watch this video and comment. Parents take responsibility for your children's mind ,DO NOT let the police and militaristic non spiritual, government folk brain wash our kids.I see no love for the natural world here, which is what scouting is about.This video made by a friend on YT "only when provoked" thanks man
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