Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Or should I say Amerika. THIS Video is hosted by none other then Jesse Ventura, X navy seal and governor. The fact that this story is coming to light now, reaffirms a story I heard in the 5th grade, 1975, I was in class, and then, we used to have show and tell. One girl brought her father to school.

He worked for and airline, and was showing how an air plane was built, out of honey combed materials. I cant really say now how the conversation turned, but it ended up in a story of communism and his experiences in Russia and his knowledge of the social aspects of their society. We were all scared. I was 10.

He got off the subject of the airplane, and onto how the people lived there and how the communist government of the time had the people so scared they would rat on each other for favors(food) (housing)(jobs). Their children would rat out thier perents for untold reasons. I remember thinking how much i hated Russia and communism and how bad it was.

Here in 2010 if George Washington knew of these actions inside our American boarders by government agencies and employees and severely bent citizens, there would be war. Folks I am not really a good writer, which is why I post these videos, But I was a boyscout until I was almost 20 years old, and have always been an advocate of patriotic behavior, Marching band flag waving kid, but this is gross and I implore you to watch these vids and consider what your children's future will be, as the destruction of this great nation is at hand.

Ladies and gents, it is not the Russians, you need to be Leary of anymore, their government does not have the funds to do this to their people any more, as a matter of opinion I think they may actually be safe, at least for the time being. ....from their own government.

If you happen to be a lamer apathetic slob who can not understand any of this while blindly bringing children in to this world, think of the life of the grandchildren you are handing them, and While my opinion is that our fathers, old man George, Thomas, Benjamin, Jonny Adams, and others, had way to much class to spit on you for your ignorance, I am sure they would "lock n load " on you.

Thanks to Jesse Ventura for having the bagonies to do this.

PS. If you happen to be one of these guys getting a pay check for this, don't come near me, even if they take our guns and all other forms of self protection , I guarantee you will live in a wheel chair for the rest of your paycheck waving life. You are the COMMUNISTS we where all doing civil defense drills to protect from while I was in school, kneeling in rows heads against the walls, waiting for the bomb to drop. Oh, and don't forget we said the "Pledge of Allegiance" every morning first thing, with hand covering heart, turned towards the AMERICAN FLAG, before we got milk break.
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