Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Legalization of marijuana

Who actually would suffer if marijuana "pot" was legalized A short list, ten reasons, of those folks and organizations that would be effected.

1. The liquor industry would certainly lose.
2. There would be massive layoffs at the drug enforcement agency.
3. The drug lords wouldn't like losing their profits.
4. Illegal gun trafficking might drop off.
5. Cigarette and tobacco sales might drop.
6. Marijuana costs about one tenth of a tobacco crop and has more "Green" by products, like the useful natural hemp fiber, clothing, packaging, hemp seed oil and natural medicines, and renewable resource.
7. Cops would be free to spend more time fighting real crime, like the prevalence of "prescription drugs" on the street, their source and who is selling them.
8. The United States prison system is populated by more inmates for possession of marijuana then any other country in the world. So all the overtime corrections officers would be looking for work there by lowering your taxes.
9. Federal government takes a tax loss at your gain.(see reason #8)
10. Politicians would have less carp to run with.

Isn't it about time for America to stop the war on on drugs, making out laws of those who smoke pot, and up hold freedom of choice?

Think about it
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