Tuesday, March 23, 2010

motorcyclist harased by police

"I've not done anything wrong, I don't have anything to hide so I pull over. Then I get a ticket for possibly the lamest thing ever. So in future you've given me a great incentive not to pull over.
So well done officer , you've just made another member of the public despise the entire force." svengali@ YT
motorcyclist harassed by police

Why Are the police force numbers growing during this economic depression. I surly dont believe there is more crime now then ever before, but the way that police are dispensing there law enforcement practice is out of control, and more inline with revenue enhancement, in opposition to serve and protect, our tax dollars are being diverted to population control. It is sicking to me that cops these days don't understand the constitution or are being trained to dismiss your rights. Most dis hearting. If you can afford it it is your civil duty to hire a lawyer. Is it proper conduct for an on duty officer to drive 15 mile out of jurisdiction for coffee, or just unadulterated bad work ethic. Find lawyers in your local. Hire an attorney. While this may not be the best example, your civil liberties are under attack, by at the least, uniformed misguided, under educated police force. At worst they are being trained this way, that said we are all in trouble.

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