Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obama Health care Package

One mans opinion on the president Obama health care package.
Isn't it strange that lawyers and drug company ceos are doing the math on our future health care spending. You would think that with all the analyst in the pentagon, government economic experts, and engineers at nasa , we could get something together for our country where the math was correct. When I went to the emergency room with broken arm,,,,,,
I did not mind 18/hr to pay the entrance person, or 35/hr for the nurse, as these people spent 15 minutes with me,,, I dont even mind 40/hr for the x-ray tech,, she spent 15min, with me .. And a hundo or 2 for the room for an hour,, but 350 bucks for the doctor to look at the exray and tell me my arm is broken in 1 minute is out of control...3 GRAND for AN AIRCAST, It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the problem.Or does it?

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