Tuesday, May 25, 2010

oil spill one month later

Yes, it's been a month since the environmental tragedy in the gulf. Oil spill at this point seems like a trivial way to state this event. Hemorrhage is more the word I would like to use, as one month later it seems we are still no closer to having this problem under control. The average men and women of this world seem to be doing more brain wracking then our propeller hat wearing government scientists, and the big wigs at BP dancing to the song "we're not responsible". I am pissed about the ruined ocean, pissed about the dead fish and birds and beaches, PISSED about the lost fishing jobs, beach front travel destinations and most of all PISSED THAT while we have landed men on the moon, come up with weapons big enough to change life on the planet as we know it, we are still no closer to having this oil spill hemorrage sealed up. The natives are getting restless and it is about time.

MOTHERS DAY 2010 I made these suggestions (apologies to our prez for any disrespect, but I'm pissed) free oil to anyone, any country, any corporation with the ways and means to handle this situation.
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