Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Age Discrimination / business model = unemployment

Age Discrimination IN THE USA ? With all the out sourcing, by outs and offshore manufacturing jobs going on these days unemployment in the senior citizen sector has risen sharply.

Lets face it, why continue to employ a more experienced and costly member of your work force when you can get 3 for 5 on the school kids and illegal aliens. So for these folk It looks like self employment could be the only option. You might try one of the 2010 best job opportunities and get hired instantly.

I say make money online, forget PRESEDENT OBAMA'S unemployment line.

Test your selling skills and market to the rest of the world, and bring the moneys back to the USA. Age discrimination and unemployment is not funny and you might get a straight answer if you asked some off the older folk employed by Walmart, who cant make ends meet, but hey their prescriptions come right out of their pay check. IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BECAUSE OF YOUR AGE DO NOT HESITATE TO GET A GOOD LAWYER. It is your civil duty to your peers and country to have employers who do not comply with age discrimination law be righteously sued in a court of law. Some of the best job opportunities may be online give it a try but watch out for get rich now at home scams.

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