Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Steven Slater jet blue Hero ? MY @SS

Wondering what the charges are??? legal implications of this is? Steven Slater jet blue Hero? MY @SS. I don't believe he's a hero ,,jest the rest of Americans are clueless past their own kids soccer practice, are apathetic and clueless to REAL WORLD PROBLEMS,and have no balls, when it come down to it. People spend their spare time playing farmville, mafia wars, and spreading the gay little hearts on facebook, but have know time to go to town budget meeting, or take their own kid to the bus stop, lets hire more cops to do that.

Consider yourself an AMERICAN LAMMER, BECAUSE YOU EXUDE THE QUALITIES OF APATHETIC CITIZENTRY conversing about bull shit news because you have nothing SMART to talk about. HE SHOULD CONSIDER HIMSELF LUCKY I wasn't there to smack him in the face for swareing in front of the children on the plane. THAT WOULD BE ASSAULT, But when it got to court, I would have been in fear for the safty of sombodys kid.... just cause? self preservation? ;) LAMMERS find a lawyer, youll need one to legally protect yourself from other lazy lammers = =Digg ThisAdd To Add To Furl Add To Reddit Fav This With Technorati Add To Yahoo MyWeb Add To Newsvine Add To Google Bookmarks Add To Bloglines Add To Ask Add To Windows Live Add To Slashdot Stumble This