Wednesday, November 24, 2010


USA, Americans, to arms, to arms, your government has failed you, and you are un-armed, you will not be able to protect yourself or your family from government agencies full of traitors and idiots who have only the lining of their own pockets in mind.

You will not be able to protect your self from UN peace keeping forces in your town, or mental midget police who are not smart enough to consider constitutional law or the rights fought and died for during the first American revolution. Ever consider HOW THINGS like the economy and the state of the union got to this point while people seem to vote for change and betterment. Yep ladies and gents when the shit hits the fan, your lazy actions toward your involvement in civil matters, will force you to use people like Rosie O'donnell for a human shield, and she and yourself will be to blame, for allowing stupid ideas like gun control to make you defenseless.
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