Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gil Kerlikowske war on drugs: FAIL

White house drug czar Gil Kerlikowske, speaking on NPR , PBN, on elevated drug use of minors and marijuana use as being the major culprit, but never mentions the more troublesome increase in prescription drug usage. For millennia it has be left to the parents to do the teaching of offspring,,,

yet,, old man,, your offices and agencies continue spew more rhetoric slanted towards the need for a government that rears the children of its citizens.

Hey Gil, where are the kids getting them? all your treatment programs? full of freshly labled children. Oh thats right Gil, your a doctor too.
Your failed war on drugs ?
Why don’t you angle your efforts toward a truly perverse supply line of prescription drugs, heroine, and meth, that are far more pervasive today then 30 years ago when I fit the age bracket,,,, and while your doing that, why don’t you write law that fits the general consenciouse of the voting population as its collective intelligence will certainly out weigh yours as an individual.

When, Gil, will you face the fact, that you and your kind have been legislating your opinions, and costing the american public not only tax dollars but basic civil liberty on so many obviouse fronts it has become discusting to listen to you, no less follow your teachings.
At bare minimum, a diversion of monies paying these ubove mention blounders, may well, for a start be used to close our borders to ilegal and illcit contribans,, you know the ones,,Gil.

If you could do that Mr Kerlikowske, especialy with 40 year tenior in a loseing business, maybe a farmer from small town america could take care of his own.

PS. The IRS calles what you do a hobbie,,

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